In Michigan, smaller businesses may require additional assistance when setting up their IT services. These requirements may become overwhelming for a new startup company and could exceed their initial budget. For this reason, consultants may recommend off-site services at affordable fees. The following is a review of the possibilities available through off-site IT Support in Detroit.

24-Hour Support Opportunities

The off-site staff can provide assistance on a 24-hour basis. These options enable the company and its workers to access help even if the company has shut down for the day. The support staff will manage these requirements through support tickets that are submitted through a help desk. The support staff addresses these concerns and restores services to the worker as quickly as possible. This eliminates the need for repair technicians who won’t be available until the next business day.

Network and Database Administrators

The off-site staff will include a network and a database administrator. These administrators address concerns related to how the network and database operate. The network administrator mitigates common risks and ensures accessibility to the network at all times. The database administrator manages off-site backup requirements to prevent data loss.


Consulting Services for Vital Changes

Consulting services give the company owner better insight into existing and potential problems. They review the current systems used by the company to determine what changes can streamline the business services and improve the way the network operates. They can also provide recommendations within the owner’s budget for these changes.

Website Development and Hosting

Website development and hosting are also available for these businesses. Off-site developers can help the company acquire a professional website development. They can present them with an option that is responsive and operates on all platforms. They can present a design that is eye-catching and increases traffic for the company.


In Michigan, smaller businesses require help from off-site service providers to manage their business services and network. These service providers can provide the business owner with flat-rate fees for each service they need. This includes consulting services to help them make the right choices about these implementations. Business owners who need more information about these services contact GRIT Technologies today.